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    I am a modern family photographer. At your photo session, expect to play. Expect to be silly. Expect this to be a completely different photo session than you have ever experienced before. My goal is to capture real life and those genuine smiles, soulful eyes, laughter, (and sometimes tears) that encompass the richness and fulness of the lives we lead. We each have a story to tell, and I hope to capture for you a glimpse of that story.

    Whether you want to remember the excitement of your engagment and wedding, anticipation surrounding your pregnancy, the freshness of your newborn, the giggles of your baby, the newfound independence of your toddler, the joy of childhood, or the personality of your high school senior, Speckled Bird Art Photography will capture each important milestone of your life in a creative, unique, and artistic way.

    Check out the website in the PORTFOLIO section above, and send me an email to book your unforgettable photo session with me. I can't wait to meet you.

Las Vegas Family Photographer | Fall 2014 Mini Sessions | September and October 2014

The weather is starting to cool off and it’s time to start thinking about family photos! Check out this exclusive limited edition offer of our only mini sessions of 2014! If you would like to get a quick update of your children or family*, this is the perfect opportunity! September and October 2014 ONLY – limited dates and times available.

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Las Vegas Newborn Photographer | Michelle and Don Welcome Baby Number Two


Not that long ago I shared Michelle and Don’s lovely maternity photos. Well… the new, sweet baby boy has arrived! And he is perfect.

Mom and Dad are completely smitten…

And Big Brother Logan? He is learning to navigate his new title of “Big Brother”…

As long as there are always plenty of kisses for him, too!

Congratulations, Michelle and Don! It was an honor to photograph your gorgeous family.


Las Vegas Maternity Photographer | Michelle and Don prepare for baby #2


This is Logan. He is a sweetheart. The last time I saw him, he was very tinyLogan loves to play in Daddy’s car. He is pretty sure it will be his someday. Of course, who knows. This car was actually Daddy’s first baby.

She sure is a pretty red… Daddy has taken very good care of the car.

But now the family dynamic is changing just a bit… and Logan couldn’t be more excited!








And so are Mommy and Daddy! A new little one will be joining the family soon, and they couldn’t be more thrilled.

Just a few more weeks and we will get to meet the new baby! I can’t wait!


Las Vegas to Sacramento Newborn Family Photography | Beautiful Baby Mia


Oh, how I love newborn babies.
Especially this precious, perfect baby girl.

Her mama loves her so very much.

And not just her mama. Her grandma does, too…

There’s a pretty special mother-daughter bond here. And it just got stronger with the first grandbaby. And the fact that it’s a little girl only served to strengthen that bond exponentially.

Oh, and Dad? Yeah. He’s pretty smitten.

Baby Mia loves his strong shoulders.

And he just adores every single thing about her.

But, seriously? Who can blame him?! LOOK AT THAT FACE!

Simply perfect.

Every tiny detail. Gorgeous.


Baby’s sleeping.

Looks like this Christmas will be a silent night after all…

Las Vegas to Central Oregon Family Photographer | The Brewers


I would like to introduce you to an amazing couple. This is Charlie and Jenay.

They love each other very much.

Also, Charlie loves this horse very much. Jenay calls her “his other woman” haha

And this is Charlie and Jenay’s family.

No, really. These are all their kids. (okay, there’s one son-in-law and one grandkid in there, too…). But Charlie and Jenay’s family amazes me. Not just that they have a zillion kids, but that they were formed in their hearts from everywhere. They have biological kids, a daughter that grew in their heart from all the way over in Uganda, a boy that came from Ethiopia, and another boy that they met in Texas. They are proof that family can form anywhere, anytime. (their son from Texas? Yeah, they met him in college)

And this is their super cute granddaughter! Adorable!

I love this family so much. They are fun and funny and make me smile and teach me and encourage me. And they prove to me that family doesn’t always grow from a womb… it can grow in your heart. And heart family can be some of the strongest bonds ever. I count each one of these people as members of my own, extended heart family now.

And can we just discuss the hops on that boy? Cause. WOW