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I would like to introduce you to an amazing couple. This is Charlie and Jenay.

They love each other very much.

Also, Charlie loves this horse very much. Jenay calls her “his other woman” haha

And this is Charlie and Jenay’s family.

No, really. These are all their kids. (okay, there’s one son-in-law and one grandkid in there, too…). But Charlie and Jenay’s family amazes me. Not just that they have a zillion kids, but that they were formed in their hearts from everywhere. They have biological kids, a daughter that grew in their heart from all the way over in Uganda, a boy that came from Ethiopia, and another boy that they met in Texas. They are proof that family can form anywhere, anytime. (their son from Texas? Yeah, they met him in college)

And this is their super cute granddaughter! Adorable!

I love this family so much. They are fun and funny and make me smile and teach me and encourage me. And they prove to me that family doesn’t always grow from a womb… it can grow in your heart. And heart family can be some of the strongest bonds ever. I count each one of these people as members of my own, extended heart family now.

And can we just discuss the hops on that boy? Cause. WOW


August 28, 2013 - 3:37 pm

Shelly I love this and them so much! Each and every one of the Brewer Bunch is part of our heart family as well. They are THE BEST!

August 29, 2013 - 10:45 am

Rachel Mortenson I grew up with Jenay and Charlie is the son of some really close family friends of my parents. You could say I am one of Jenay’s extended sisters and Charlie’s. Jenay met Charlie when she was helping me move pipe line on my parents land and he would drive by every morning on his way to work at Lark Ranches. The sparks flew when they met and they still are. In fact our families were so close that her mom and dad are like parents to me and my parents are (were) parents to them. Love this whole family!

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